Suzanne Stevens is a lifelong artist. She was born into a creative family and was always encouraged to pursue her art. Raised in Miami, Florida, she spent most of her time outside, developing a deep love for the natural world. Suzanne continued her studies in art at Florida State University, graduating with honors in painting and drawing. She later received a Masters in Art at Goddard College, Vermont.

Suzanne teaches art in her home studio on Lake Smith and at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her expertise is figure drawing and landscape painting. She works in charcoals, pastels, oils, and watercolors. Suzanne's figurative work is usually done with a model. She uses the same model repeatedly, allowing different aspects to appear. Sometimes the models look like themselves and at other times they are totally transformed. Suzanne enjoys letting things "happen" creatively.

Her landscapes are created on location in series. Some of her favorite haunts are wildlife refuges, swamps, peach groves, vineyards, countrysides, gardens, mountains, and oceans. When she travels, she always paints. She has worked mainly with pastel on black paper, as she loves the glowing color and spontaneity of pastel. Recently, she has also begun to work more imaginatively, especially with oils. Her latest series is entitled, "Earth Magic." She is excited about developing this theme using all media.

Suzanne is deeply concerned about the destruction and pollution of the world and hopes that her work will help people appreciate and take better care of our earth. A portion of all of her art sales goes to environmental and humanitarian causes.